Wedgwood Steps in with Magnificent gift to West London College

Wedgwood, the celebrated ceramic supplier, has supported West London College with a huge gift of 600 pieces for use in the college restaurant.

The set, made up of the Gio range, will enable the restaurant to plate food in the restaurant to a standard only seen in the finest restaurants.

“This is a magnificent gift,” enthused Catherine Farinha, Director of The Chefs’ Forum. “It means that students will be able to see their food as it would appear in a top restaurant or hotel. This is so valuable for them to gain this sort of experience.”

Denise Charles, Head of Hospitality at West London College, said: “We’re thrilled and hugely grateful to Wedgwood. There’s no way our budget would ever stretch to this and to be able to serve food on these beautiful plates and dishes will mean the world to our students and impress our guests.”

The set includes 100 of each and makes a complete dinner service: Dinner plates, salad plates, side plates, soup bowls, dessert bowls and dessert plates.

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