Wedgwood and Aussie Beef & Lamb Shine at St Patrick’s Day Student Dinner

100 guests at a special St Patrick’s Day dinner at West London College were wowed by the special 600-piece bone china dinner service provided by Wedgwood as part of a gift to the students.

The dinner, supported by The Chefs’ Forum, celebrated St Patrick’s Day but was, in reality, an exercise for the students to see how their food appeared on the best plates and bowls.

“This was a proud moment for The Chefs’ Forum,” said Catherine Farinha, Founder of The Chefs’ Forum. “This is what the Academy is all about. We were able to introduce Wedgwood and top quality produce to the College and in turn Wedgwood and Meat & Livestock Australia were able to see  how their special donation was used by the students. I can safely say the students were blown away with the experience.”

Denise Charles, Curriculum Manager at West London College, said: “We do a number of themed evenings every year at West London College and this is the first year we have been able to serve 100 guests and have all of them eat off the same dinner service. This was brilliant for us and brilliant for the guests. The students were amazed how good the food looked. It was a huge success.”

“We were able to maximise our supplier and professional chef database as well,” Catherine Farinha continued. “We had lamb and beef from Aussie Beef & Lamb and celebrity guests such as Luciana Berry, Eve Tudor, the BBQ Lads and many more. It was a great night.”

The dinner in full:






Film & photography by New Era Production