Walter Rose & Son Celebrates the Biggest Loser for National Butchers Week with Rump Steak and Chicken breast promotion!

Since January 1st 2019, eight of the team at Walter Rose & Son have gone on a fitness and weight loss offensive.  The long hours and irregular eating times were taking their toll and all of them realised they needed to act quickly to lose weight, increase their fitness levels and feel better about themselves. Collectively the team has lost over ten stone, but they’re not stopping there with the final weigh-in on the 3rd April, there’s the top prize at stake!

Jack Cook, Director at Walter Rose & Son said

“The team and I have made a collective decision to better look after ourselves. Fitness and wellbeing must be prioritised in our work life.   We have very much enjoyed the camaraderie of our ‘Biggest Loser’ campaign so far and we cannot wait to reward the winner with a top prize of £100 at the beginning of next month.”

Head of Manufacturing Room Bradley Hall (age 23) has lost an extremely impressive three stone since January 1st and he has really enjoyed taking part in the ‘Walter Rose Biggest Loser’ challenge.

Bradley said

“It’s been so much better eating less processed food has really brought team together.  I have been eating a lot of fresh lean meat, veg and eggs from our supplier Castlemead Poultry.  I plan to carry this on past the end of the of the month, start weight training and continue my new healthy lifestyle for good.”

Naicin is essential for the conversion of protein, fat and carbohydrate into usable energy.  One chicken breast contains more than the recommended daily allowance of niacin, so has been the Walter Rose slimmers’ go-to foodstuff for the last two and a half months with great results!

They have also elected to eat grilled Stokes Marsh Farm rump steak (with the fat off) as it is an excellent source of high-quality protein and has double the amount of carnocine than chicken.  Beef also provides a large source of L-carnitine, an amino acid that occurs naturally in meat.

According to a systematic review and meta-analysis of nine randomised controlled trials in a study carried out by Nutrition Advance, subjects using L-carnatine supplementation lost “significantly more weight” than the control group.

Additionally, beef also contains vitamin B12, only available from animal foods.  This vitamin also has a wealth of benefits that include skin improvements, positive mood, better sleep and neural regeneration – All factors essential to general wellbeing and improved fitness.

To further-celebrate the team’s weight loss achievement, Walter Rose & Son is running a promotion on chicken breasts and rump steaks for the duration of National Butchers Week 11-17th March.  Retail customers of Walter Rose & Son will enjoy catering trade prices on Creedy Carver chicken breasts and Stokes Marsh Farm Rump Steaks.  This will hopefully encourage customers to think more carefully about their diet and make healthy choices for fitness and wellbeing as the Walter Rose team have done.