Total Produce August Market Report – A Must-See Synopsis of Produce to Incorporate in Your Menus!

Veg Guru Charlie Hicks and Total Produce are back to bring you up to speed on this month’s pukka produce to enhance your menu and wow your guests!

Charlie Hicks

Read on for the latest tips and insider knowledge from your local costermonger:


potatoThis year’s maincrop potato harvest has started and growers across the UK are sending their new season spuds to market. Most of our maincrop potatoes will be lifted in the next couple of months then stored till the start of the next season. In times past this caused problems from about May onwards, by then the carbohydrates in the stored spuds had starting turning to sugar and they were a sod to cook. A good chipping potato was particularly difficult, too much sugar and you end up with a fryer full of burnt toffee. Nowadays things are much easier. Storage techniques have really improved and brands like Chippie’s Choice and Potato Lovers use spuds that are not only very carefully stored but thoroughly tested for exactly the right dry matter and moisture content to deliver the perfect chip. Check with your local depot to see what they recommend.


Nyetimber 185 2W0A1297 for siteGRAPES

The southern hemisphere grape season finished back in May and there’s not been a good, consistent supply since. All that’s changing fast though as the European season kicks off with the first of this year’s grapes arriving from growers in Spain. Quality is good and prices are pretty reasonable for both black and white varieties. Later this month we’ll get the first Muscat grapes from France with their amazing elderflower flavour, well worth a punt. By the end of the month we might even see a few early strawberry grapes (Uvo Fragola) from Italy, alright if you like that sort of thing and your pockets are deep.


There’s still plenty of raspberries and strawberries and they’ll be around for a while yet. Gooseberries are pretty much over and currants will be finishing up towards the end of the month. Currently cream of the crop are British blackberries and blueberries which are absolutely splendid, the last of the summer berries.

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