Torbay Restaurateur’s Speech “stole the show” and Has Everyone Talking at the ‘Catering Circle Restaurant Talent Show Awards’

Torbay restaurateur Rehan Uddin “stole the show” whilst collecting his winner’s award at the Meridian Grand London for Channel S TV’s (SKY 814) ‘Catering Circle Restaurant Talent Show Awards’.

Social media has lit up with posts congratulating the Bombay Express restaurant owner on his success, as well as his powerful speech highlighting the lack of recognition and overdue celebration for inspirational women in the industry.

As the first Indian restaurant to host events and celebrate International Women’s Day, Rehan addressed the absence of women winners at the awards, and the necessity for equality.

As well as addressing the gender gap, the entrepreneur highlighted the rise in vegans; challenging the industry to step up and address these often-overlooked communities.

Rehan thanked his Bombay Express customers, team, and the Asian Restaurant Owners Network (ARON) – expressing gratitude for their continuous support and valuable involvement while he pushes to “change the game”.