Top London Chefs Show Versatility of Aussie Beef & Lamb

When you’ve got top ingredients it’s easy to create amazing flavours and stunning new dishes. A selected group of top London chefs took part in a Menu Development Day at West London College to showcase Aussie Beef & Lamb.

Stephen Edwards, UK Country Manager for Meat & Livestock Australia gave a brilliant presentation on Aussie beef and lamb, teaching the chefs about the strict welfare standards and global distribution management.

Stephen said

“It was great to see so many top-tier chefs in the college kitchens today, working with the students.  It was back to school for the professional chefs and a great day of knowledge-sharing and menu development for the chefs who participated. It was great to hear such positive feedback on our Aussie beef and lamb, after the chefs had cooked with the products.”

The students really benefitted from all of the visiting chefs coming in to their training kitchens today and we were so impressed with the way they helped to produce such wonderful plates of food.  All recipes and dishes will be available on our website – A wonderful celebration of UK chefs cooking with Aussie beef and lamb!”

Chefs such as Saito Daichiki, Roy Ner, Aaj Fernando, Chris Woodford and Soham Sonawane were asked to create a new dish that included a specific cut of either beef or lamb and then cook the dish with WLC students before serving it at a special tasting.

Catherine Farinha, Director of The Chefs’ Forum, the organiser of the event, said: “We used our network of international chefs based in London to arrange a special focus day for Aussie Beef & Lamb. 12 chefs took part and each of the dishes they created were not only different but highlighted the versatility and adaptability of Aussie Beef & Lamb. I was particularly impressed with the range of flavours and techniques that the chefs used. It was also brilliant for the students to work with incredible ingredients and talented chefs,”

Denise Charles of West London College said: “This event was extra-curricular in every way. For our students to get access to these chefs, ingredients and ideas was incredible. There was such a lot of talent in the kitchen and the dishes they created were amazing. Thank you to The Chefs’ Forum, once again, for coming up with a top event for us to host.”

Those dishes in full: