Time to Get Fruity, Andros Chef Joins Forces with The Chefs’ Forum UK for the Student Pastry Competition

The Chefs’ Forum is excited to announce a new partnership with the best French natural fruit ingredients supplier: Andros Chef, who have signed on to sponsor The Student Pastry Chef of the Year 2024 (SPCOTY) which takes place in May.

Andros Chef is renowned all over the world as a producer of premium fruit purees and many other natural fruit ingredients for professionals. Their commitment to excellence starts with substantial investments in collaboration with fruit producers, dedicated orchards, and advanced processing techniques – to preserve the natural goodness of fruit.

The cherry on top of this delectable partnership is the grand prize: Andros Chef will whisk the competition’s winner, and their lecturer, away to France on an all-expenses-paid trip. During this exclusive excursion, the champion will have the privilege of exploring Andros’s experimental orchard, state-of-the-art factory, and the exquisite pastry training area known as “L’Atelier du fruit et du vegetal”.

The winner will also get to work with the winner of their own young pastry chef competition: “Fruits de Talent”.

Catherine Farinha, Director of The Chefs’ Forum, said:

“We are attracting more and more global clients who want to work with us in the student sector and take advantage of the unique way we bring professionals and educators together to promote excellence.

Andros Chef are a brilliant business and the trip they have offered the winner of the Student Pastry Chef competition will be an amazing prize and an opportunity to see how their purees are made and the fruits they come from.”

Pierre-Emmanuel Bardon, Andros Chef Marketing Manager said :

“The Chefs’ Forum’s approach to this competition aligns with our ongoing efforts in France to support schools, teachers, and young apprentices. Our mission is dedicated to offering comprehensive assistance to these educational entities with the broadest possible range of 100% natural fruit products.”