The Poll that Shows Why Brands are Teaming up with The Chefs’ Forum

When the Japanese embassy were looking to promote a new cookery show highlighting the best in Japanese ingredients their first choice was The Chefs’ Forum. It was the same with international brand Redefine Meat who chose The Chefs’ Forum as its chef partner promote their New Meat.

When a brand needs to research its place in the chef market or reach out to professional chefs The Chefs’ Forum has become the leading network to work with. This was underscored recent in piece of independent research that polled 300 working chefs. The Chefs’ Forum was voted the 2nd most recognised chefs association.

“After 10 years we have reached a critical point in the work we do with our partners,” said Catherine Farinha, Director of The Chefs’ Forum. “We don’t just know chefs – we understand them at every level from student right through to the best chefs in the country and beyond.

“We have demonstrated, again and again, through our academy and our unique chef events that when you highlight education and the next generation then the very best chefs are only too happy to be involved in training up the next generation.

“This gives us a unique platform to assist brands both national and international in their quest to gain recognition and win market share. The independent poll demonstrates how far we have come and to be voted second most recognised chefs association is a real plus for us. It shows that chefs know us and trust us and that’s what we’re all about.”

For more information about working with The Chefs’ Forum please contact or call Catherine Farinha on 07585 700030.