The Highcliff Grill is Awarded 3 Stars from the Sustainable Restaurant Association

The Chefs’ Forum Dorset Committee Member Matt Budden and his team at The Highcliff Grill have been awarded 3 stars from the Sustainable Restaurant  Association. This is the highest award that the SRA awards to its members and is a great testament to the efforts made by the whole team over the past year.

The SRA commented “The SRA commends Highcliff Grill on its sustainability initiatives and serious commitment to ethical practices. The areas where Highcliff Grill performed strongly in the SRA Sustainability Rating should be promoted to inspire other UK restaurants and showcase the work that the Highcliff Grill has put into making itself a sustainable restaurant. Continuous improvement is integral to sustainability and the SRA encourages Highcliff Grill to consolidate its strengths and improve in other sustainability areas throughout 2013”.

The SRA Sustainability Rating recognises restaurants as One, Two or Three Star Sustainability Champions depending on how they rate against a wide range of criteria covering 14 areas of sustainability and provides restaurants with a detailed assessment of their credentials across the SRA’s three pillars of sustainability: Sourcing, Society and Environment. Good restaurants will be rated One Star Sustainability champions, excellent restaurants Two Stars and exceptional restaurants Three Stars.

The SRA Sustainability Rating system provides restaurants with not only recognition for their sustainability and benchmarking information, but also a ready-made marketing tool to help customers choose their dining destination.

Congratulations to Matt and his team!