The Future of Asian Kitchens Seminar in Partnership with Rational

The Chefs’ Forum in association with Rational presents The Future of Asian Kitchens Seminar on the 21st July, from 11am-1pm.  

The free-to-attend seminar is open to all Asian restaurateurs, chefs, caterers, kitchen planners and designers and will be particularly useful for future planning and for addressing the challenges and opportunities currently facing the Asian dining sector.

Hosted by The Chefs Forum’s Director of Education, Neil Rippington, the seminar will explore current topics affecting all elements of the Asian culinary sector. In particular the following topics will be discussed:

Neil Rippington said:

“The Chefs Forum’s Future of Asian Kitchens Seminar will look at all issues listed in the points above, alongside others, in a wide-ranging analysis of the Asian restaurant sector and the challenges it faces.

“Plus, there must be a new way of thinking in terms of waste reduction, sustainability and technology, at the same time as respecting time-honoured recipes and cooking styles.”

Neil will be joined by a star-studded panel made up of the following experts:

Uddin – Founder of ARON and Chef Patron of Bombay Express

Dipna Anand – Celebrity Chef and Owner of Brilliant Restaurant, Southall

Will Bowlby – Chef Patron, Kricket, London

Raymond Chu – Chef Patron Grand Village Imperial, Bicester

Anand George – Chef Patron, Purple Poppadom, Cardiff

Munayam Khan – Chef Patron – Lasan and Raja Monkey, Birmingham

Arbinder Duggal – Progressive Indian Cuisine – Roux Scholarship Finalist and Masterchef: The Professionals 2019 Semi-Finalist

This is the third in a series of sector specific seminars in association with The Chefs’ Forum to gain valuable market insight to fine-tune Rational’s approach to servicing stakeholders, tailor-made to their individual requirements.

Adam Knights, Marketing Director, Rational UK comments,

Rational is the Chef’s company and as such we strive to understand the many modern challenges facing hospitality, to provide efficient solutions via our cooking systems, training, and support. We partnered with Rehan Uddin, founder of the Asian Restaurant Owners Network to produce our first Expert Chef online webinar showcasing how Rational cooking systems have supported Rehan in achieving his progressive kitchen goals. Our hope is that the Future of Asian Kitchens seminar will continue to inspire, provoke debate and provide new ideas to the challenges everyone is currently facing.”

Rehan is delighted to be supporting Rational and The Chefs’ Forum as lead panellist in this event to bring together progressive Asian chefs and current ambassadors of modern Asian cuisine.

He said:

At my restaurant, Bombay Express in Torquay, it’s all about reducing the need for manual labour intensity and increasing speed, consistency and output. Having adopted the latest iKitchen technology from Rational in my restaurant, I can wholeheartedly say that it delivers top-end precision cooking in record time. This has reduced the need for a large kitchen team and that has helped me overcome the current staff shortage.”

The rise of Asian dining in the UK

Dipna Anand has appeared on Saturday Morning with James Martin five times this year and she’ll be appearing again in October, further proving that progressive Asian cuisine is becoming extremely popular among the nation’s avid foodies, further demonstrating the need for greater support of this vibrant culinary sector.

She said:

I am thrilled to be taking part in this seminar as it is a great opportunity for me to discuss new trends and ways in which we can enhance the future of the Asian restaurant sector.

“I’m in the process of publishing my third book which is all about the delicious Indian recipes I created during lockdown. Time away from work gave me time to spend on menu development and innovative flavour combinations that give traditional Indian recipes a modern twist.  

“Brilliant Restaurant in Southhall has been around since 1975. However, we have always moved with the times and embraced current cooking styles but always building on the foundation laid down by my grandfather in Kenya.”

Delegates can register FREE to attend the virtual event on the 21st July between 11-1pm by emailing: