The Cleverest Thing in 40 Years!

Celebrity Chef Marco Pierre White said on Monday that Redefine Meat, the new meat alternative taking the restaurant world by storm, is the cleverest thing he’s seen in 40 years as a chef.

The comment was made after another successful Chefs Lunch at London’s Carousel Restaurant on May 9th 2022.

Organised by national chef network, The Chefs’ Forum, the lunch for 50 top London chefs featured Masterchef: The Professionals stars Exose Grant, Luciana Berry and Arbinder Dugal who each created a course.

“When you see brilliance, you start to fall in love,” White said. “And I’m falling in love with this product.”

The menu comprised of:

Fine wines were paired to the various courses by wine Master Sommelier Zareh Mesrobayan of Jackson Family Wines and Koppert Cress was also paired to the various courses by Paul Da Costa Greaves.

Top Chef Brasil Winner 2020, Luciana Berry has recently opened her own restaurant in Mayfair: Mano Mayfair. Redefine Meat is very much on Mano’s menu and she showcased it at this event in a traditional Brazilian dish, which would normally call for cured beef flank, she said

“When I was invited to cook this lunch for my chef peers, I knew immediately what I was going to create. Escondidinho is a hearty dish made with carne seca or dried, salted meat and mashed casava. I have managed to recreate the exact same flavour with Redefine beef flank and its absolutely unbelievable. We have made national TV news in Brazil this week as we’re innovating with a plant-based product, when most Brazilians are looking to reduce their red meat intake. Now this is absolutely possible without compromising on taste.”

Catherine Farinha, Director of The Chefs’ Forum said: “Putting together an event like this is easy. When the product is this good it is easy for chefs to recreate dishes with it that diners find easy to understand – and enjoy. There was near universal approval in the room and Redefine Meat literally are redefining what meat is. Frankly, I can’t believe that wasn’t lamb or beef.”

Louise Wagstaffe, Culinary Lead at Redefine Meat said: “What a lunch that was. It is really heartening for us to see the chef works embrace Redefine Meat. We knew it was going to be good but this is taking it to a new level. We’re thrilled so many people like it and understand what we’re trying to do.”