The Award-Winning Matchbox from Adande is Cool in any Kitchen

In a busy kitchen anything that can help save time and increase efficiency is a welcome addition, which is why the award-winning Matchbox from Adande is proving to be such a hit with chefs the world over.

Recently named as the winner of the Hofex 2015 (Hong Kong) first Asian Catering Equipment ‘Best of the Best’ award, having previously received an Innovation ‘Smartlabel’ at Host Fieramilano in 2013, the Matchbox is a version of the Adande ‘Hold the Cold’ technology that features refrigerated drawers which slide out on either side.

The Matchbox allows for the sharing of centrally located refrigeration for maximum footprint efficiency. Two chefs have access to refrigerated storage while using the worktop as prep space. Food is always within easy reach, which means less walking and more time for working. Matchbox is especially useful where space and/or access is restricted.

The Matchbox unit also features the patented insulated container and low velocity cooling that brings significant energy savings, and these can be increased still further with hydrocarbon options.

Adding hydrocarbon refrigerant has delivered around 19% more energy savings in freezer mode. In addition, that comes on top of the energy improvement Adande has already shown compared to conventional units.

Adande Drawers were designed and built with sustainability in mind. Adande ‘ticks all the boxes’ for sustainability and carbon reduction in both fridge and freezer mode numerous tests show big energy savings compared to conventionally manufactured equipment, usually in excess of 40% .

The majority of any one of the Adande range of units is recyclable, unlike traditional refrigeration products that go into landfill at the end of their useful life. In addition to being the first kitchen equipment company in the UK to be awarded The Sustainable Restaurant Association Approved Supplier Status.

Karl Hodgson, Adande UK Sales Director, said:

“Adande’s unique insulated refrigerated drawers are deservedly winning praise, both from chefs and the operators of catering businesses, especially the chains.”

“The ease of use, flexibility of temperature control and the outstanding keeping qualities for food are amazing to chefs and the operators. Adande is helping to change how kitchens operate by expanding the boundaries for storing and cooking food; the fact that Adande also cuts food waste, offers huge energy savings and improves food safety is an irresistible bonus!”

NOVA MOYO BENSON  EDITMo Benson, Chef/owner of Nova restaurant in Merseyside, has had a Matchbox unit in his kitchen for more than three years and is full of praise for the product.

He said: “I have a total of six Adande drawers in the kitchen and my Matchbox is my centre island.”

“We use it for sauce-finishing dishes and garnishes, and for my pastry section.

“It has improved my service because my team know exactly where our products are stored and they can access them quickly during busy periods, so it has also improved the quality of the food as well.

“I really believe in Adande and I just love the Matchbox unit. I can’t do without it.”

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