The Apprenticeship Levy: Call To Action


Following the announcement from the Government (on 12th August 2016) that the Apprenticeship Levy will be implemented next year, Jill Whittaker, Managing Director of HIT Training – the largest supplier of training and apprenticeships in the Hospitality Industry – breaks down some of the key points hospitality businesses need to know:

“After months of speculation around whether the Apprenticeship Levy would go ahead, we can now finally put this to bed.  The Apprenticeship Levy will be implemented from April 2017.

“What this means is that the time to start planning is now.  If you know you’re a Levy paying business – that’s most businesses with a UK payroll in excess of £3m – start by working out how much your monthly Levy payments will be and then look at how you can use these funds to make an apprenticeship scheme work for your business.

“The recent announcement from the Government sets out how it will continue to support and fund apprenticeships, and what the investment from employers will be.  Whilst there is a lot of detail in the new report, these are the key points operators need to be aware of:

“This is effectively a game changer in the way apprenticeships are administrated and will give employers more influence and flexibility when it comes to the qualifications they offer. Love it or loathe it, it is now a reality. Yes, it will be a big financial investment for many businesses, but used judiciously it will offer a great opportunity for employers to up-skill their whole team, from new starters right thought to senior management. Approved hospitality apprenticeship programmes are available from entry to higher levels, and will soon go right the way through to degree equivalent. More standards are being developed now, including a plan for a suite of apprenticeships specifically designed for licenced operators. If we work with the new system we can use it to address the much publicised skills shortage that affects the Hospitality Industry – this must be a good thing.”

For more information on the Apprenticeship Levy and advice on how to prepare, please visit or call HIT Training on 0800 093 5892.