Tailor Made’s 2016 Digital Makeover

We are Tailor Made Catering Equipment Services—renowned in the UK, for our outstanding award-winning design and supply services for bars, restaurants and kitchens.

We’ve grown from a service and maintenance business, to a full-service catering equipment company, working with some of the biggest names in the industry—so it became necessary, to get a new website, that would reflect our popularity, while providing an optimal online experience for the customer of 2016.

We began with some key ideas in mind.

Tailormade post 403x403px2People spend more time browsing the web on smart phones and touch-screens than they do anything else, so we made sure our website could visually adapt to this.

The best websites make customer navigation as easy as possible, so we decided to follow-suit, by reducing the words on our pages, as well as the pages themselves. The result was a visual-led website, displaying information in a crystal clear way—and bringing Tailor Made’s services and branding to the forefront.

We are more than happy with our new site, and so are our customers—as testified by the 60% increase in internet traffic since it was launched.

Visit our website at www.tailormadeces.com or give us a call on 01275 390 590.