Sustainability and Seasonality Provide Inspiration for The Chefs’ Forum Artist in Residence, Rebecca Searle

The Chefs’ Forum now has its own Artist in Residence!

While our members create works of art on a plate, Rebecca Searle creates works of art on canvas inspired by the natural beauty of the ingredients. And instead of reinterpreting classic dishes she reinterprets the idea of a traditional still life, creating a new take on the traditional celebration of the produce of the woods and fields, and the pleasures of the table, inspired by the colours and shapes of the produce.

Although she is now based in London, Rebecca grew up on a smallholding in Suffolk and food and its provenance was a big part of her childhood.

CHERRIES 1Her father, Graham Searle, was a founder of Friends of the Earth, and a pioneer in the sustainability movement, and this upbringing continues to influence her work.

Rebecca tries to capture the ideal of sustainability, and particularly seasonality, in her canvasses.

She said: “I am very excited to be involved as Artist in Residence at The Chefs’ Forum.

“I try to make a direct and, I hope, powerful connection with the viewer; letting them experience the colours, the richness and, particularly, the texture of our food in its natural state.”

Rebecca Searle PheasantBefore branching out on her own, Rebecca was a senior designer and illustrator for top branding agency Lewis Moberly, where her work won many awards.

Her paintings are available for sale or commission, and she can be contacted on 07920 031233  or

For more information visit

Rebecca will be at the next London Chefs’ Forum on Monday 11th May at Parlour – for more information and to attend please contact Alexandra Duncan on 07870 584450 or email: