Spare a Thought for Homeless Chefs

Yes, it does happen. Paul, pictured, was one of them. Two years ago he lost his accommodation in the pub where he was working closed during lockdown. He slept rough for a few “scary” weeks.

However, Paul was one of the lucky ones. He was helped and supported by two charities: The House of St Barnabas and Only A Pavement Away. Through their help and assistance Paul got back on his feet and has been working at The Ivy Asia for the last two years. His life is now steady.

We spoke to Karen Wallin, head of marketing and fundraising at Only A Pavement Away. She told us:

“There are thousands of others just like Paul who are at risk of becoming homeless right now as the cost of living soars. They may not be sleeping rough as homelessness can take many different forms.

“One of those is when you are forced to “sofa surf” moving from one friend’s put-up bed to another. Or living in a shelter, hostel or temporary council accommodation. The saddest extreme is when someone has no option but to sleep outside on the street.

“Only A Pavement Away is a charity which provides pathways out of homelessness into purposeful employment within hospitality. As part of their programme they also help members find a smooth transition from homelessness by providing short term financial assistance to ensure a successful and stable return to work.”

Paul remarked: “Since Only A Pavement Away helped me back into full time employment, I’ve got money, I am able to pay my bills, buy myself clothing, and have found myself a place to live. My life is very stable and secure now which it had not been for a very long time.”

Karen continued: “With many having to make difficult choices about paying for food, heating and rent right now Only A Pavement Away will ensure any member facing these unthinkable decisions have the extra support they need.”

Homelessness can happen to anyone – If you are able to contribute to help people just like Paul, find Stability Through Employment this winter, please CLICK HERE to donate THANK YOU.