Sean Byrne Flies the Flag for Unox Combi Ovens

Sean Byrne has given Unox exclusive behind the scenes access to Stanbrook Abbey Kitchen, a truly amazing venue that oozes elegance and decadence.

“Unox ovens have some unique technology not found in other leading makes.”

Why did you choose Unox for your ovens?
The Unox Ovens were already chosen by the previous Chef so Unox was new to me. Instead of just trying to use the oven straight away, I contacted Unox to provide on site training so I could really get a grip of how to use the ovens. The training was really valuable and allowed me to use the ovens to maximum temperature.

Have you found that since using the Unox ovens you have used other equipment less?
Absolutely, the extra versatility that a Unox oven gives you over a conventional catering oven allows you to use the oven for a much broader range of cooking.

What features do you find the most beneficial to you as a professional Chef and why?
The most beneficial thing at the moment is the delta cooking. This enables you to have a core temperature separate to a cabinet temperature, meaning the meat etc can be held at a rare condition whilst the outside is hot enough for perfect serving.

Sean Unox for siteHave you created your own cooking programmes on the Unox ovens?
I have created a lot of recipe programmes for the ovens that have saved me a huge amount of time, especially for cooking meat. In combination with the environment and core temperature settings, you can repeat it and get it right every time.

What is your favourite recipe cooked in a Unox Oven?
My favourite recipes at the moment in my Unox ovens are choux pastry and meringues. The ovens give you such control that it makes cooking them a pleasure.

By using the ovens have you found you have saved any money ie, fuel bills, food waste etc?
Most definitely, having the ovens communicate together in the stack controlling the amount of power used across all three ovens is a big plus. Normally you would have the ovens running independently using three times the power but with the Unox ovens, the power is much more efficiently controlled across all three.

What tips would you give another chef starting out with a Unox oven?
I would say take the time to learn about the oven and all of the features. Some chefs simply turn their ovens on a set temperature and leave them on all day. It may take a little extra time to learn the great features that are available on the ovens but it will save you time and give you greater control when cooking.

What benefits have you discovered using a Unox Oven?
Time saving, versatility, efficiency and greater control over cooking. Unox ovens have some unique technology not found in other leading makes.

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