Product of The Month: The New UNOX MIND.Maps Oven

The New Unox MIND.Maps Series Might Just be THE Smartest Oven You’ve Ever Seen!

Building on the success of their previous models, the latest incarnation embraces the Unox slogan of “Inventive Simplification” with a dazzling array of new features all designed to give chefs even more control of the cooking process and to make life in the kitchen as easy as possible.

The biggest development is in the control panel. Instead of the usual knobs and buttons, the MIND.Maps models feature a full colour touch screen which allows users to design their own cooking programmes as well as using the pre-loaded settings.

Chefs requiring the ultimate control can quite literally draw their own programmes and, once perfected, save them for future use. “It’s ideal for delicate dishes that require a lot of care and attention during the cooking process, such as foie gras,” said Unox Active Marketing Chef Daniel Jacobs.

UNOX Product Launch 3And the ability to design bespoke programmes means that different chefs in the same kitchen can all store their own programmes, finely tuned to their personal preferences.

But the Unox isn’t only designed for fine dining establishments.

It’s also ideal for high volume kitchens such as chain restaurants and even schools or care homes.

Software is currently in development which will allow programmes to be remotely uploaded to multiple units, so an executive chef for a restaurant chain can send cooking programmes, complete with images of the completed dishes, to the whole group with a simple push of a button.

There’s also plenty of pre-programmed setting all designed to make life as easy as possible.

For example, the auto cook setting can allow chefs to simply select the thickness of a steak and how they would like it cooked and the Unox will cook it to perfection.

There’s also a Mise en Place setting which allows you to select all the products they will need, for example during a breakfast service, and the oven will alert you when it is time to put in each element.

With grill, steam and cook functions, the Unox MIND.Maps is a very versatile unit, and it can easily switch from one to the other. An innovative drying system means that in just a few moments all the moisture can be removed so one minute you could be steaming broccoli, and the next cooking a dry rub or a meringue.

UNOX Product Launch 2And it’s not just smart when it comes to the cooking processes. The Unox MIND.Maps are also designed to be very energy efficient, with excellent insulation and a water intake system which eliminates the use for an integrated boiler system. It also allows you to easily monitor how and when you are using the most energy.

It might all seem very technical, but the Unox team are on hand to help.

“Once the unit is installed one of us will come and give hands on training,” said Daniel. “It usually takes a couple of hours. Then in a couple of weeks we will come back again, because there is a lot to take in. And we are always available if you need additional support.

Unox Logo“Of course, you can always use the manual settings but there’s so much that can make your life easier we want to encourage people to make the most of all the features.”

For more on Unox MIND.Maps visit, or contact Daniel on 07764 968458.