Product of The Month: Halton Creates Mist on Demand – Not Flames!

A recent rise in the number of restaurant and kitchen fires has put the issue of kitchen safety firmly in the spotlight.

But Halton is spreading the message that it is still possible to cook the way you want without watching your dreams go up in flames.

Heavy-duty cooking appliances, such as charcoal ovens and charbroilers are becoming ever more popular, but this type of equipment has always posed some specific safety and environmental challenges.

“What we offer is a range of solutions,” said Paul Crumpler, Area Sales Manager at Halton Foodservice. “Many of the problems are being caused by the fact that these charcoal ovens are being retrofitted into environments that probably are not fit for that purpose.

“We are trying to raise awareness and to educate people about the products that are out there to stop these problems before they arise.”

Halton has worked with Josper over many years to design a system which has brought the use of heavy duty appliances on a par with ordinary ovens and deliver comfortable, efficient and cost-effective working and dining environments.

Halton-Capture-Jets-3D-cut-620-350Halton Sensors






Capture Jet TM

Both front and sides of hoods are equipped with this dual capture jet system, constituting an outer boundary.

Up to 40% less exhaust airflow rate is needed to remove the same heat load compared to traditional hoods as well as providing less draft and lower sound levels.

Halton Cold MistCold Mist
Compatible with both canopies and ceilings Cold Mist technology is the best filtration solution for solid fuel appliances and heavy duty cooking equipment (Charbroiler, Chinese woks).

By creating a cold water Mist inside the exhaust plenum smoke and odours are trapped in the cold water by condensation and the cold Mist acts as a spark arrester and air cooler

On Demand Technology
Halton’s patented IRISTM sensors control in real time cooking activity. The MOD smart algorithm activates the cold Mist when it’s strictly required (e.g. at oven door opening) and turns it down when it is not.

This means that you will benefit from full protection whilst saving energy and recuperating 80% on the Cold Mist water consumption.

Hot Wash
At the end of the cooking period or at predetermined times during the day, the automatic wash cycle thoroughly cleans the inside of the exhaust plenums, removing all grease and residue by a combination of hot water and detergent. Maintenance of the Mist canopies is then reduced to the bare minimum as only the external surfaces have to be cleaned regularly.

Benefits include, high grease removal, high level of hygiene, efficiency of a system that does not rely on cleaning staff, increased Fire Safety for customers, employees and premises and freedom to cook what you want the way you want.

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