Product of the Month – Ecolab Nexa – The Stylish Hand Sanitiser Station

Ecolab Nexa Hand Sanitiser Station

Germs and bacteria are the enemy of any professional kitchen.

And when you consider that 95 per cent of people don’t wash their hands properly, and that 80 per cent of infections are transmitted by hands, winning the war will always be a challenge.

But Ecolab’s latest innovation, the Nexa Hand Sanitiser Station, which works in conjunction with the Ecolab Total Hand Hygiene System, could be the weapon your kitchen and restaurant has been looking for.

According to Ecolab there are five main reasons for failing to follow a proper hand-cleaning hygiene regime:

  1. Low awareness of the impact of foodborne illnesses and how they can be prevented.
  2. Washing without soap and just rinsing with water.
  3. Lack of formal training on proper hand hygiene procedures.
  4. Equipment failure and poor product inventory create a lag in use.
  5. The “ick factor” resulting from messy and dirty dispenser areas make them unappealing.

The Ecolab Total Hand Hygiene System has been designed to deal with all these issues, offering a complete service taking you from choosing the right products for you and advising on placement, through to installation, training and ongoing consultations.

The new hand sanitiser station package means that not only does the system perform an important function, but it also looks attractive too.

Ecolab Nexa rangeThe standard Nexa Hand Sanitiser Station order includes a classic white touch-free dispenser – ideal for the kitchen, as well as a hand sanitiser station which can be placed outside dining areas for customers to use. The stations come in a range of finishes, from elegant wood, to brightly coloured contemporary designs, so they can blend in with any décor.

For an additional cost there is also an option to add your own branding or graphics.

Ecolab’s Nexa Hand Sanitiser Station has been designed to ensure that you don’t need to sacrifice style to win the war on germs.

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