Owner of 12-seater Kent Restaurant named as the ‘Chef to Watch’ by Good Food Guide

Ben Crittenden_Stark 2

The Good Food Guide Chef to Watch award has been handed to Ben Crittenden from Stark in Broadstairs, Kent.
Ben’s tiny 12-seater restaurant only has a galley kitchen tucked in the corner but serves a well-prepared six-course tasting menu. The restaurant is so small it doesn’t yet have a loo, but a friendly landlady from the pub up the road welcomes Stark’s diners.

The Good Food Guide’s editor, Elizabeth Carter, said: “I’m sure many locals would like to keep this place under the radar as Stark is far and away one of the more unusual openings this year.

Ben Crittenden

Photos credit: Simon Jacobs

“But the secret is out now and there’s something special about this plain 12-seater restaurant. Ben Crittenden has a penchant for simplicity and flavour and his keen eye for the seasons is extremely satisfying – some might call it dazzling.

“His success is all the more astonishing as, for the first eight months, the restaurant has been operating without a loo, without any dent in popularity – hopefully the situation will be resolved next month.”

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