New Year, New You!

It’s the time of year when everyone is looking to make positive changes in their life. And those changes often revolve around a healthier lifestyle.

If you are looking to get fitter and healthier this year then David Lloyd Leisure could help.

Jack Phillips, General Manager at David Lloyd Leisure in Westbury-on-Trym, said: “The hospitality industry is so focused on looking after customers that it can be easy for staff to forget to look after themselves.

Jack David Lloyd“While chefs spend all of their time preparing fabulous food for other people, the long hours can mean that they find themselves making poor food choices and eating at strange times.

“And of course it is a very physical industry, so if you are in shape then you will find it less of a strain on your body.

“At David Lloyd we can help tailor a fitness programme to suit you – whatever your goals, and because relaxation is important too we have saunas and steam rooms to help you unwind.

“Stress is a common problem in the hospitality industry, but regular exercise can really help to alleviate stress-related problems.

“We have a fabulous menu in our DLicious Café full of healthy and nutritious choices.”

dlicious-adult-menu-156x169 dlicious-keep-it-balanced-156x146 Lead chef Ben Rickard said: “A healthy balance is easy to achieve with our DLicious menus, served just the way you like it. Whether you want a sit down breakfast, lunch or dinner, a wrap to go or treat for the kids after school. We’ll fit a DLicious balanced diet around the way you live.

“Our menu delivers our food philosophy ‘Fast Fitness Food’. You’ll feel more energised all day with wide menu choices that live up to our motto, ‘Life. Be fit for it.’

“It has been designed to include a wide range of dishes and to cater to different diets.

dlicious-beverages-156x169“Our ‘Healthy & Balanced’ choices help meet your body’s required daily intake of 40% good carbohydrates, 30% quality proteins and 30% essential fats. Your body will then burn fuel more efficiently and benefit from the right amount of nutrients to help keep you healthy and energised throughout the day.

“Paleo inspired dishes are high quality, grain free, natural foods which are kind to your insides. They deliver better fuel for proper digestive function and more consistent blood sugar regulation, providing more energy throughout the day.”

lizzie actionLizzie Wessely is runs a nutrition clinic at the club and would be more than happy to offer Chefs’ Forum members a free nutrition consultation to establish a healthy, balanced diet to accompany fitness programmes.

If you are looking for a new job then David Lloyd Leisure is always on the lookout for chefs who share their healthy living philosophy to join the team. There are a range of benefits to working with David Lloyd Leisure, including free use of the facilities.

If you would like to find out more about David Lloyd Leisure then visit or call the team at David Lloyd, Westbury-on-Trym to book your free nutrition consultation and 7 day FREE trial on 0345 125 7018.