New Sushi & Washoku College Coming to London

The Tokyo College of Sushi & Washoku is opening a London branch in September where chefs can go to learn the specifics of Japanese food. Washoku is Japanese word for cuisine. The new college will teach authentic Japanese cooking and cultural practices with sushi playing a leading part in the full and part-time programme.

To launch the college a free demo and tasting session is being held at So Japanese Restaurant on Monday 24th June from 2:00pm-4:00pm where chefs will demonstrate what they will be teaching. So Japanese is located on Middlesex Street, London E1.

This exclusive event will offer a glimpse into the world of Japanese culinary excellence and allow participants to observe professionals at work and sample authentic Japanese cuisine.

Places are limited and are available by appointment only. OPEN TO ALL HOSPITATLITY PROFESSIONALS AND CATERING STUDENTS. To reserve a spot, please contact

A spokesperson for the new college said:

“We believe that the journey of mastering Washoku & Sushi begins with a deep understanding of ingredients and techniques, adapted to local cultures and environments. 

“At the Tokyo College of Sushi & Washoku, London, we offer a unique opportunity to learn and master the art of Japanese cuisine directly from Japanese instructors, in English. Our curriculum starts with the basics, requiring only a passion for Japanese food and a desire to learn the traditional crafts associated with it.”

Furthermore, they offer a variety of culinary programmes including:

Full-time Professional Diploma Course

This transformative 6-month daytime programme is designed to mould participants into proficient Sushi and Washoku chefs. Delving into the intricacies of Japanese cuisine, the course equips students with essential skills in Japanese knife techniques and fundamental cooking knowledge, laying the foundation for a successful culinary career.

Part-time Intensive Short Course

Tailored for graduates of the Professional Diploma Course or chefs currently working in the restaurant and foodservice industry, focusing on various subjects such as charcoal grill skills, Soba and Udon noodles, Matcha and Japanese sweets, Sake and food pairing, and more.

For more information please visit the Tokyo College of Sushi & Washoku London here: