Mitchell & Cooper Celebrate the Return of Dynamic

Everyone’s favourite blender is back where it belongs. Chefs can now purchase the Dynamic range of stick blenders through Mitchell & Cooper where it joins other chef favourite brands like Bonzer, KitchenAid and Matfer Bourgeat.

Philippe Mandin-Diraison, Commercial Director at Dynamic is delighted to have rekindled his relationship with Mitchell & Cooper that has spanned almost three decades, he said

“In re-joining the fantastic brand portfolio of light catering equipment offered by Mitchell & Cooper, I really feel like we have come home.  When we analysed our UK market share over the past forty years, it was plain to see that Mitchell & Cooper had consistently delivered results for the Hoover of the stick blender market sector.  I’m really looking forward to showcasing our range at The Restaurant Show next week.”

The French-made Dynamic is an industry standard stick blender beloved of many chefs and restaurants for its unique abilities and easy-to-use feel – When chefs think stick blender, they think Dynamic.

“We’re delighted that Dynamic has come back to join the family again,” said Guy Cooper, Managing Director of Mitchell & Cooper. “As a small family-run business we take great pride in our collection of world-renowned brands that we supply to chefs and restaurants. Dynamic is one of those brands that we’ve had a long association with and to have them back with us completes our line-up. We take the brand selection very seriously. At Mitchell & Cooper we look for quality products that fulfil a gap in the market. We look for product portfolios that we can grow within the UK distributor structure and when possible, to export to our global customers.”

The stick blender is a must-have tool in almost every kitchen, where it has pride of place for making sauces and soups. One fan of Dynamic is Masterchef Winner, Simon Wood, he said

“We use the Dynamix DMX 160 Combi a lot, it’s just an industry standard. They just keep going and going but the results are always perfect, especially with the connectable whisk and shaft. We’re getting into soup season once more, so It’s good to know we can purchase them again from Mitchell & Cooper.”