Merlin’s Magic is Shakin it Up!

Mitchell & Cooper have teamed up with TV bar star Merlin Griffiths to create a premium Bonzer® Barware cocktail kit that will shake up drinks-making this summer.

Merlin, who is on a mission to “Get the nation shaking“, is also launching a campaign to encourage everyone to share their #ShakerFace. Highlights of which will be showcased across Merlin’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tik Tok – with one lucky shaker being chosen each month to receive their very own kit.

The new cocktail kit, customised by Merlin Griffiths and produced by Bonzer® in the UK, is due to be released for sale on June 21, 2023 and includes a two-piece Boston shaker set, Hawthorne strainer, fine strainer, jigger, 30cm bar spoon and a Mexican Elbow (citrus press). All in high-grade stainless steel finish.

“I am genuinely thrilled by what we’ve achieved,” said Merlin. “This is a great set for anyone to start with and even comes with a special Mexican Elbow citrus press which I started to use after learning all about them from Mexican bartenders I’d worked with in London.  I was so impressed with this brilliant little tool, that I’ve customized my own version with Bonzer®. I’m really excited to see how people use the set and what they create.”

Merlin has been bartending since 1996, where he started out shaking, mixing and whizzing up tasty drinks in London’s popular Soho. An instantly recognisable face, he has been mixing drink on our screens for over 10 years.

The premium cocktail kit has been co-created with Bonzer® Barware, owned by global parent company Mitchell & Cooper who was founded in 1879 in East London, and they have been manufacturing since 1927.

Mitchell & Cooper have always been the professional’s choice and have built lasting relationships with top chefs and bartenders at the top of their game – and Merlin is certainly one of them.

Merlin went on: “It’s about time we had professional kit available to enable my industry peers to make amazing drinks at work or play. “I believe everyone should be able to make a tasty cocktail, it’s a life skill! Bringing professional quality cocktail tools to your mixologist’s tool kit is an essential part of this dream. It’s time to get shaking!”

Merlin is also offering an exclusive virtual cocktail masterclass for the first 500 individual orders of the kit. To place your order visit

Kat Cooper of Mitchell & Cooper said: “Bonzer® is the perfect partner for Merlin Griffiths. My family have been making barware for close to 100 years and we’re delighted to be partnering with Merlin to create some drinks magic with the new kit.”

Film & photo credit: Carlos Farinha