Mate, That Aussie Beef was Stunning

London chefs got the full Aussie Beef Mates experience at a special Focus Group for Fine Dining held at West London College this week. The chefs worked primarily with Aussie Wagyu which proved very popular. The cuts being tested were ribeye, featherblade, Angus sirloin and picanha.

The object of the focus group was menu development but Aussie butchers were on hand to give a masterclass before the chefs and students got together to create some new dishes.

Consultant Chef Alan Bird said: “The beef we worked with was outstanding. The flavour profile was spot on and the texture and ageing was perfect. Cooking with it was a dream and allowed me to really experiment because I knew I could rely on it.”

This is how the chefs got on and what they created.

Robert Grist, Head Chef, German Gymnasium
Seared Aussie ribeye, charred baby leeks, wild garlic and salsa verde

Alex Thiel, Execitive Head Chef, German Gymnasium   
Braised Aussie featherblade roulade, white asparagus, young carrot and potato puree

Ioannis Grammenos, Executive Chef, The Heliot Steak House  
Aussie sirloin with asparagus, aubergine puree and amba sauce

Dani Ciniglio, Sous Chef, Royal Garden Hotel   
Aussie picanha with asparagus, peas, broad beans and spring herbs and a light butter sauce with mint

Jurjis Antonovs, Sous Chef, Duke of Sussex Waterloo
Aussie ribeye with Cajun new potato wedges, grilled asparagus, deep fried cherry tomatoes, chestnut mushrooms, sweet and spicy chimichurri sauce

Daren Liew, Chef Patron, Nanyang Blossom 
Sarawak Black Pepper Aussie sirloin, blue pea rice, crispy dough and poached asparagus

Graham Green, Chef Patron, Green Herring Catering Co
Aussie featherblade with roasted caulifower and squash

James Sardokie, Chef de Partie, Fulham Football Club         
Aussie sirloin with chimichurri, parmesan mash potato and grilled asparagus

Alan Bird Chef Consultant Chef Alan Bird Consultancy      
Aussie ribeye tagliata with wild garlic butter and roasted vine tomatoes

Luciana Berry, Top Chef Brasil Winner and International Chef Consultant
Aussie picanha, grilled courgettes, chimichurri and farofa