Librije’s Atelier Shares 100 Unique Recipes on Gastronomixs

Restaurant De Librije*** has built up a wealth of amazing recipes and preparations during its 25 years of existence. Many of these recipes are still used on a daily basis in Librije’s Atelier, Jonnie and Thérèse Boer’s cooking studio. They believe in sharing knowledge, even outside the Atelier, and this prompted them to hold a number of photography sessions in recent months. As of today, you can find 100 of Librije Atelier’s unique components on!

‘I am delighted to make this contribution towards Gastronomixs’ ambitions to create a global platform, as sharing and conserving knowledge is vital to our profession,’ says Jonnie Boer.

Jonnie Boer developed a unique and recognisable style, is famous in global gastronomy, and is therefore often featured in rankings of the best restaurants or chefs in the world. Many chefs have tried to imitate his cuisine, sometimes coming up against counteraction from Boer. ‘However, Jonnie is not necessarily opposed to sharing his knowledge. In fact, he even asked us how he could best use his knowledge to contribute to the professional training of the next generations of chefs,’ according to Jeroen van Oijen, one of the two founders of Gastronomixs.

‘Never before have we shared so many of our recipes in one place online,’ says Jonnie Boer.

Amazing simplicity

One big surprise is how simple the majority of the preparations are to make. Boer’s cooking style focuses on the ingredients and the flavours, often resulting in short and simple recipes that are nevertheless positively spectacular! Examples include: ‘Smoked caramel sauce’, ‘Swollen brandied raisins’, ‘Fried avocado with ponzu’, ‘Piccalilli egg yolks’, ‘Celeriac stock’ and a number of sweet-and-sour preparations. These are components that all chefs, regardless of skill level, can work with.

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‘The principle behind Gastronomixs is fantastic. You click on an ingredient and are immediately shown how you can use it. It also discourages imitation, because you have to think about how you will combine components,’ says Jonnie Boer.

Building blocks for your own unique style

So will all chefs now try to imitate De Librije? Not at all! What makes Gastronomixs unique is that it offers inspiration in the shape of partial preparations called components. Think of it as Lego© for chefs. The 100 preparations submitted by Librije’s Atelier will be added to our database containing over 4,100 existing components. With all those individual recipes, it is practically impossible to replicate dishes. This means there are thousands of building blocks for people to create their own unique styles.

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