Launch of Roux Scholarship 2020: Björn Frantzén appointed as Honorary President of Judges

As the Roux Family launch the Roux Scholarship 2020, they are delighted to announce that Sweden’s first three-star Michelin chef Björn Frantzén joins the competition as Honorary President of Judges.

Chef Frantzén has held three Michelin stars since 2018 and will be hosting last Roux Scholarship 2019 winner Spencer Metzger for his three-month stage from January. Frantzén, one of Europe’s best restaurants, was the the first Swedish restaurant to be awarded three stars by the Michelin Guide. Located in the Norrmalm district, Frantzén hosts an intimate crowd of just 23 guests each night.

Chef Frantzén said: “It´s a great honour to be asked to join as Honorary President for 2020. Having spent more than six years in the UK during my early career, the Roux Family has also been important for my own cooking. I still remember going past the legendary Le Gavroche every morning to work and dreaming of one day running my own Michelin establishment. So, it´s with great pleasure I’m joining the legendary Roux Family for such an important cause in inspiring and making sure our industry is taking care of young talents; without them, our loved industry is nothing.”

Chef Frantzén is the fifth Honorary President of Judges to play a part in the Roux Scholarship. He follows such revered chefs as Pierre Gagnaire, Anne-Sophie Pic, Michel Guérard and Peter Gilmore in the role.

Chairman Alain Roux said: “It’s a privilege to welcome Björn Frantzen as our Honorary President. He is a modern icon, an astonishing chef, and easily one of the most exciting and creative chefs working in Europe today. Björn’s breathtaking cuisine combines flawless Japanese techniques and flavours with the most sublime Nordic ingredients to create dishes of exceptional beauty and taste. Björn shares our passion for inspiring young chefs and we cannot wait for him to join us in this year’s competition.“

While fellow Chairman Michel Roux Jr said: “I’m so pleased that Björn has accepted to be our Honorary President of Judges for 2020. He is one of the most talented chefs I know and is an inspiration to all in our industry. We’re delighted Spencer will be conducting his stage at Frantzén; and now that Björn is joining us to judge the competition, our 2020 finalists will have the chance to cook for him as well.”

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