The new ‘hotCHOC’ gun: ideal for spraying warm chocolate. The ‘oilSPRAY’ gun: perfect for pizza and bakery businesses. The new ‘sprayBOX’: perfect for those wanting to contain mess and cut down on cleaning and extraction bills – Pre-Order Now For June Delivery!

KREBS Switzerland provides high quality, reliable and innovative spraying solutions that help make the lives of professional users that little bit easier- something this company has been doing successfully since the 1940`s.

Produced in Switzerland, KREBS products are renowned for their reliability, a result of engineering, component quality and 100% testing before leaving the factory. They are packed with high quality features and are designed specifically for the professional user. All the components in contact with food are certified as food safe. The sprayers are easy to take apart for thorough hygienic cleaning and are dishwasher and microwave friendly.

Up until now, executive and pastry chefs, caterers, canteens, hotels, bakeries, chocolatiers and other types of food businesses have been working with the ‘multiSPRAY’ LM25 food gun to spray thin to thick liquids from butter/fat and egg wash to glaze and chocolate. Those wishing to spray in larger volumes are using the ‘volumeSPRAY’ LM45 to spray larger quantities of butter/fat, egg wash, glaze, jelly or sauces and marinades out of a floor based container. Their complete range of food preparation spraying solutions provide food industry professionals with a range of products that allows them to work quickly and efficiently, saving time and money by reducing material waste.

The chocolate ‘hotCHOC’ gun (LM3)

Designed in conjunction with Chocolate Industry Experts, the electric, hand-held ‘hotCHOC’ gun is a heated and insulated spray gun that keeps pre-heated chocolate warm for extended periods whilst spraying. The special heating unit encasing the KREBS spray gun nozzle keeps the chocolate warm, aided by a nozzle insulation cover.  The ‘hotCHOC’ is also equipped with a metal suction tube that further conducts the chocolate’s heat, and the external insulated container cover avoids the rapid cooling of the chocolate inside the container. Kitchen professionals are now flexible in working where they want, as the electric spray gun does not require compressed air. It’s just ‘plug & play’ – simple, reliable and easy to use!  The ‘hotCHOC’ has also been configured specifically to be powerful enough to deliver a 50/50 mixture with a nice coat, whilst minimising the typical overspray issue experienced with air guns.  This reduced power setting also allows you to create wonderful ‘velvet’ effects without blasting your masterpiece off the table. This purpose built chocolate sprayer can be used for final coverings, prepping moulds, speckling pralines or for adding luscious and even layers of chocolate to cakes etc. This is a ‘must have’ tool for any professional chocolatier, artisan or pastry chef.

List price £299.00+VAT+P+P      Chefs’ Forum Members -10%   £269.10+VAT Free P+P   (T&Cs Apply)

The ‘sprayBOX’

The ‘sprayBOX’ is a collapsible and machine washable spray cabinet to stop chocolate and oil mist spreading throughout the work place environments, i.e. capturing waste material and thereby minimising mess and reducing the need to clean or paint.  It`s frame can be assembled and dissembled in seconds for easy storage and the machine washable cover means that there is minimal mess to clear up.  At 90x90x90cms, the ‘sprayBOX’ is an ideal size for working with a turn table to easily spray all angles of your cakes or other chocolate work.  The white cloth material also means you have plenty of light coming in to see what you are doing.  The ‘sprayBOX’ makes it so much easier, lighter and more hygienic to work than using a cardboard box or taping up plastic bags.

List Price   £199.00+VAT+P+P       Chefs’ Forum Members -10%   £179.10+VAT Free P+P  (T&Cs Apply)

The ‘oilSPRAY’ gun (LM2)

As the name implies, the ‘oilSPRAY’ gun is designed for the professional user looking only to spray thin food liquids like oil, releasing agent or water.  It is our lightest and quietest sprayer and can spray as low as 0.4 gram/sec.  It uses as little as 30% of the minimum LM25 ‘multiSPRAY’ gun setting and the lack of overspray brings noticeable cleaning up benefits. This tool is particularly interesting for pizza production or bakery applications reliant upon oil, or where thin oil coverage is preferred.

List Price   £189.00+VAT+P+P        Chefs’ Forum Members -10%   £170.10+VAT Free P+P  (T&Cs Apply)

All products can be purchased in the UK from Walsh Direct, the UK Representative for KREBS Switzerland. See them in action click here

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