Join the World’s Biggest Fish Finger Sandwich Zoom Call

Who doesn’t love a Fish Finger Sandwich?

The Fishermen’s Mission is attempting to get the most people eating a Fish Finger Sandwich at one time whilst also on a zoom call! The charity, who care for UK fishermen and their families, is calling on lovers of the Fish Finger Sandwich to join them in the World’s Biggest Fish Finger Sandwich Zoom Call on Fish Friday – 3rd July 2020 from 12 – 1pm.

Fish Friday is the National Fundraising Day for the Fishermen’s Mission, a day to show your support for our UK fishermen. Can there be a better way of doing that than enjoying a lunchtime feast of chunky white fish encased in golden breadcrumbs between the baked accompaniment of your choice whilst raising funds for the Fishermen’s Mission!

The World’s Biggest Fish Finger Sandwich Zoom call will also feature live cooking demonstrations from top celebrity chefs. Nathan Outlaw and Tom Brown will show us their delicious take on the famous Fish Finger Sandwich. Artist Caroline Cleave and her husband Jon Cleave from the Fishermen’s Friends will also be on hand with a fishy tale or two. There will also be bespoke Fish Finger Sandwich recipes to download so you too can create your own fish finger masterpiece!

Fishing remains the UK’s most dangerous profession and life is very tough for many of our fishermen at present. Devastating winter storms were followed by the coronavirus pandemic which closed fish markets across the world. Fish prices collapsed and boats were tied up around the UK coastline. Struggling UK fishing families rely on the Fishermen’s Mission to help them get through the crisis.Fish Finger NO

Ali Godfrey, Director of Business Development for the Fishermen’s Mission, explains the vital role played by the Fishermen’s Mission:

“We are here as a trusted friend supporting fishermen and their families through the storms of life. We provide access to emergency funding and longer-term welfare support alongside practical guidance which is so needed in these turbulent times. With many of our fundraising options currently paused, the World’s Biggest Fish Finger Sandwich Zoom call is a great and very tasty way to show your support for our fishermen.”

A donation of at least £3 to the Fishermen’s Mission will allow you to join the World’s Biggest Fish Finger Sandwich Zoom call on Fish Friday 3rd July 12:00 – 1:00.

Visit to join in.

For more information please contact the Fishermen’s Mission at