Indidog Wows the Cornish Food Scene

Falmouth eatery Indidog threw open its doors on the 24th May to the cream of the Cornish food media.

Owners, Vanessa and Simon Clark teamed-up with the Chefs’ Forum, to invite the local food media to highlight the menu and create a unique opportunity to meet the chefs.

The idea was to bring together Indidog’s great new ‘Seaside Tapas’ menu and The Chefs’ Forum media contacts and friends to highlight one of Falmouth’s best waterside restaurants.

The special event was also an opportunity for Indidog chefs Alfie Hazlitt and Ryan Holder to show-off their skills. They put on appetisers and small plates such as asparagus and brown butter Hollandaise, smoked cod’s roe and dill, Cornish langoustines and local Mylor Fish shop scallops among many others.

Desserts included white chocolate cheesecake and affogato – A delicious ball of Cornish ice cream, drowned in a shot of espresso.

Vanessa Clark said: “We really enjoyed working with The Chefs’ Forum on this special event. We were able to highlight our new menu and meet many new friends and customers.”

Chefs’ Forum Director, Catherine Farinha, said: “We were really excited to help Indidog reach a new audience. Rather than just send out a standard press release announcing the new menu, we decided to create a whole event so that local media and influencers could experience the new menu and meet the wonderful people involved. It was a great success. Indidog is a real front-runner in the Falmouth Food Scene.”


Indidog is a must-visit destination on Falmouth Harbour, with beautiful views of fishing boats moored along the estuary.  Falmouth is the first and last port in the UK and boasts the deepest natural harbour in Europe.

Indidog is proud to source the freshest ingredients from across the county and makes everything fresh in their vibrant open kitchen full of happy chefs in a beautifully designed bistro setting.

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Photography by Carlos Farinha.