Ice, Ice Baby – Product of the Month: DC Products Pebble Ice Machine

An ice maker might not seem like the sexiest bot of kit on the market but any bartender or barista will tell you that something that can produce the cool stuff quickly and efficiently is worth its weight in gold.  Especially in the summer months when customers are going crazy for iced drinks.

And that’s why this month’s “Product of the Month” is the Pebble Ice machine.

This self contained piece of kit has been designed specifically for use in cocktail bars, cafes, fast-food outlets, pubs and cafeterias.

The model is used in Costa Coffee branches, and still going from strength to strength and two years after it came to market it is still going strong.

The self contained range consists of three machines that utilise a cylindrical evaporator, producing small trapezoidal cubes that bridge the gap between granular and cubed ice, making them perfect for cocktails, smoothies, iced teas and coffees. This new style ice is a winner in many ways. Not only does it deliver an improved ice product into beverages but it can also significantly reduce the time it takes to prepare drinks. Easy-to-administer due to its trapezoidal cubes it reduces splash and allows for better measure management when preparing drinks.

pebble iceUnlike modular machines self-contained icemakers incorporate an ice-production system and ice-storage bin in one machine. The smallest pebble machine in the range produces 85kg/24hrs and stores up to 20kg, whilst the largest produces up to 140kg/24hrs and stores up to 50kg.

The machine cabinet is made using catering grade stainless steel for strength and hygiene whilst the insulated ice-storage bin is made using anti-bacterial plastic. All materials comply with FDA regulations (Food and Drug Administration’s) and are IPX3 rated to protect against any liquid ingress. All machines operate from a standard 13amp plug and require a 3/4” water inlet connection and 24mm waste connection. The maximum ambient operating temperature is +38°C. All machines come with a 3 year warranty as standard.

For further information on the Pebble-ice machines range DCT85-20A, DCT140-40A and the DCT140-50A, or others in the DC Products range, visit or call 01749 870055.