HIT Training Launches Apprenticeship Levy Handbook

HIT Training, the largest supplier of training and apprenticeships in the Hospitality Sector, has today (18th May) launched The Apprenticeship Levy Handbook – an essential tool to support operators through the change in legislation.

The main aim of the Handbook is to assist hospitality businesses in maximising their Levy fund, so that the optimum benefits of training and apprenticeship programmes are achieved for both the employer and staff members.

The Handbook will help operators to understand the changes that will need to be made in light of the Apprenticeship Levy, which comes into force for businesses with an annual pay bill of over £3million in April 2017.

Answering all the questions which have arisen since the Government announced the scheme, the Handbook has been put together specifically for hospitality businesses and addresses the challenges and benefits the Levy presents to the Sector.

Speaking about The Apprenticeship Levy Handbook, Jill Whittaker, Managing Director of HIT Training, comments: “The Apprenticeship Levy has been a controversial issue, not just in the Hospitality Sector, but across all industries in the UK.  For such a big change in the way training of apprentices is funded, there has been very little information available to business owners, and the details we have had have been somewhat confusing.

“This Handbook has been designed to advise business owners, Financial Directors and HR Managers on exactly what they need to do to prepare, in an easy to understand format.  April 2017 is now less than a year away and we strongly recommend businesses start the planning process now, so that everything is in place and has been strategically planned to suit the needs of the company and its employees.

“Working in partnership with individual businesses, HIT can provide support to put together a step-by-step plan to make best use of the Levy funding, whilst also helping to maximise current apprenticeship funding before the Levy comes in. The Levy payments are compulsory for larger employers, so we want to help hospitality operators make the most of them.”

When the Apprenticeship Levy comes into play, large businesses across the UK will be required to pay 0.5% of their total pay bill.  This funding will then be made available via a new ‘Digital Apprenticeship Service’ account and has to be spent on training, apprenticeships and development.  The Levy was introduced as part of the Governments’ commitment to delivering 3 million apprenticeships by 2020.  As HIT Training delivers half of the hospitality and catering Apprenticeships in the UK each year, its expertise of current apprenticeship funding, insight into future Levy payments and changes to the apprenticeship programme, will help to ensure businesses within the Hospitality Industry are kept up to date.

HIT logo SquareThe Apprenticeship Levy Handbook is available to download free of charge from the HIT website here: https://hittraining.co.uk/apprenticeship-levy

If you have any questions surrounding the Apprenticeship Levy and how your business can prepare, please contact HIT Training for expert advice on:  0800 093 5892.