Have it all: new warewasher cuts energy consumption, creates comfortable working conditions – and cleans dishes

Winterhalter’s PT ClimatePlus slashes energy costs by 53%

Winterhalter has launched a new rack passthrough warewasher, the PT ClimatePlus, that cuts energy consumption by over 50%, at the same time as actually improving the working conditions in the kitchen and delivering outstanding wash results.

Inside the new machine is a highly efficient heat pump, called the ClimatePlus, designed to use both the energy from the steam in the machine’s interior and the energy from warm air in the kitchen to heat the incoming wash and rinse water. When washing with the PT ClimatePlus, the temperature and water content of the exhaust air from the machine are considerably reduced, resulting in much improved working conditions in the wash area.

Independent trials carried out by equipment testing specialist TÜV SÜD in Germany showed that, when washing with the PT ClimatePlus, the heat given off into the room was reduced by 75% compared to a standard PT model. Also, in many cases there is no need to fit an exhaust air hood for the machine, giving additional cost savings.

During the wash cycle the warewasher generates steam. The heat pump uses it to heat up the tank and the cold inlet water. The exhaust air, which is cooled to around 18°C and contains no moisture, is released back into the kitchen. What’s more, when the hood is opened at the end of the wash cycle, practically no steam escapes.

The ClimatePlus heat pump continually sucks air from the wash area, both when washing and when the warewasher is idle, until the heat pump has warmed the tank water to 65°C. When the air in the kitchen reaches 25°C the heat pump sends the PT’s exhaust air, cooled to around 18°C, back into the room. In this way, the PT ClimatePlus creates a more comfortable environment, even when the machine isn’t washing.

The new ClimatePlus heat pump is part of Winterhalter’s ongoing commitment to develop resource-saving warewashing. Every PT Series model is equipped with a waste water heat exchanger as standard, which reduces energy consumption by 10%. PT EnergyPlus models also have an exhaust air heat exchanger and reduce energy consumption by 20%. The PT ClimatePlus sets a new benchmark: it uses 53% less energy than a standard model without a heat recovery system.

“The ClimatePlus heat pump is a very significant new development in the foodservice industry’s struggle to reduce energy consumption,” says Stephen Kinkead, managing director of Winterhalter UK.

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