Gunns Bakery launches ‘The Daddy’ of all clangers for Father’s Day: The Chicken Satay ‘N’ Chocolate Macadamia MacClanger!

Bedford-based Macadamia nut supplier Nutcellars recently teamed-up with Clanger Aficionado, David Gunns of Gunns Bakery to revive the traditional Bedfordshire Clanger in a bid to give it a macadamia-themed gastronomic makeover.  A competition was launched for clanger enthusiasts to come-up with a new clanger combo to create a ‘MacClanger’, incorporating macadamia nuts in their recipes.

Many delicious recipe ideas were received; however, it was Freelance Chef, Spencer Westcott who submitted the innovative new clanger idea that caught David’s attention.  As a third-generation baker, David has devised a myriad of clanger recipes and is always on the look-out for new flavour combinations to add to his range.

Nutcellars Clanger 2In the olden days, people would make Clangers with whatever they had in the way of meat or vegetables, fruit and jam, remains of a joint, swelled-up with potatoes or onions. Gammon and ham were also very popular with potato and onion when in season – The other end would contain a sweet chopped apple sauce.  Now, with an abundance of delicious ingredients available, there is no end to the scope of possible clanger recipes.

Historically, The Bedfordshire clanger was homemade for farmers to take to their agricultural work in the fields of Bedfordshire to sustain them throughout the day.  Nutcellars macadamia nuts are a great ingredient addition, as they are the perfect snack to prevent hunger throughout the day as a few nuts go a long way.

David Gunns, of Gunns Bakery, is Bedford’s answer to a ‘Clanger Aficionado’ as featured on TV’s Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast on Channel 4 with Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty.

David said

“I am very excited to see how the new Chicken satay ‘N’ Chocolate MacClanger goes down with my customers. It is great to work with a fellow Bedfordshire business to introduce the new clanger for Father’s Day – I think it would make a fantastic present! We are used to producing custom versions of the Clanger, so we’re very excited about creating a new clanger flavour with Nutcellars Macadamia nuts!”

Nutcellars Clanger 3Andrew Emmott, Managing Director of Nutcellars added

“We’ve always been fascinated by the heritage of The Bedfordshire Clanger and wanted to develop a clanger with macadamia nuts as a fellow business based in Bedford.  My family support smallholder farms in Malawi and have done for four generations.  It is great to bring this fantastic little nut to Bedfordshire to experiment its use in this iconic local treat.  I can’t wait to Spencer’s Chicken Satay ‘N’ Chocolate MacClanger recipe to be made into a tradition Bedfordshire clanger by David, what an absolute treat?!”

Spencer concluded

“As a chef, I very much enjoy experimenting with recipes to demonstrate the unique versatility of macadamia, The Queen of Nuts, which can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes.  Being a fan of pies and pasties, The Bedfordshire clanger competition interested me, and I decided to put pen to paper and come up with a clanger recipe which I personally would like to eat.  I am delighted that my recipe was chosen to create the ‘Daddy of all Clangers’ in time for Father’s Day!”

The Chicken Satay ‘N’ Chocolate MacClanger will be on sale in Gunns Bakery from Friday 19th June and will also be available to buy online for contactless delivery in Nutcellars’ shop