Gordon Ramsay & The BBC Want You!

A prime time series for BBC1, called Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars, is being put together by Studio Ramsay, the brilliant television company created by Gordon himself.

The first series will begin airing in Spring 2022, but the show is already on the hunt for their second series contenders.

The straight-talking TV Chef’s producers are looking for ideal chef candidates with a small food or drink business who will be put through a series of challenges to test character, drive and business acumen.

At The Chefs’ Forum, we know many chefs who have worked for Gordon and far from his TV character of shouting and swearing, he has often been described as very fatherly and nurturing, taking the time needed to ensure practice makes perfect, all the while helping chefs to learn new skills and sharing his knowledge.

During filming, Gordon Ramsay will make a great mentor for the successful contenders and all of them can look forward to enriching their professional knowledge and network as a result of participating in the series.

The winner of Future Food Stars will win a “life-changing” investment opportunity but in order to get it you’ll have to jump through some hoops with some challenging business and culinary tasks and specialist foodie missions!

To apply you must be running your own food truck, stall, small café or eatery. You may, alternatively, have a spin-off product, gadget, have developed a home dining kit or have even developed a private chefs service.

No matter what you are doing, if you are a serious chef entrepreneur and you need investment then the G-Man wants to hear from you. And remember, this is prime time and could be a dream come true. And even if you don’t make it remember that plenty of chefs who didn’t win Masterchef: The Professionals received a significant boost to their career and media profile. Our advice?

Get applying today at www.futurefoodstars.co.uk