Finalists Announced for Student Pastry Chef of the Year 2024

Eight top student pastry chefs have made it through to this year’s Student Pastry Chef of the Year finals. All the action will take place on 14th May at West London College.

The finals are all about precision with the students preparing 12 identical mono portions of the dessert they submitted plus 2 entremets.

Head of the 14 judges, Franciane Tartari, Executive Pastry Chef at 1 Hotel Mayfair, said:

“Every year the students surprise me even more. The competitors are showing not only skills, but passion and dedication for this beautiful profession. Some are nervous but they shouldn’t be. Nerves are good. Do not overestimate the competition or underestimate yourself. You are better than you think you are and the road to success is always under construction!”

The finalists are:

Meet the judges:

Meet the sponsors:

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All chefs are welcome to attend the final at West London College on Tuesday 14th May – Please email to be added to the guest list.