Epicuri, ready for service!

Epicuri continues to gain momentum from its initial launch in September 2014. In just one short month, we quickly reached our target to have the initial 5 restaurants on Epicuri delivering the diverse dining experiences to ensure Epicuri holds up under pressure. It looks like our diligent testing was not in vain, Epicuri is already helping to take care of hungry diners – from established fine-dining outfits in Midlands, local curry houses in the South and soon, exciting new bistros in Central London.

After 4 long years of careful design and development, Epicuri finally cut the ribbon during The Restaurant Show 2014 in Earls Court, London. Iksit and Manish, pictured above with the Lee and Lisa from Mansion Restaurant & Wine Bar, our first site. Being owners and managers, Lee and Lisa are a visionary front & back of house team that have won numerous accolades over the years for their casual fine-dining venue in the heart of Derby.

Bringing on board these first few restaurants has been an exciting and eye-opening experience, especially to see Epicuri seat and service its first few diners after all these years hard work! Even Facebook and Twitter threw us curve balls on day one but these issues were skilfully dealt with by our development team brain boxes.

Being responsive to our customers’ requirements and keeping the product relevant across the board has proved a careful balancing act. One of the greatest challenges has been modelling menus. With such diverse requirements to cater for, we had to build in flexibility to suit everyone but also one that would present well on tablets, web and smartphones from Android to iOS. No easy feat!

Now with a bit of experience, we are able to look at the menu and just ‘see’ how it needs to be set-up, but this superpower has only come with hours of coding, recoding (and re-recoding!) until we got it just right.

We welcome and thank these early supporters, our measured approach means that for the next 8-10 weeks we will be monitoring the Epicuri infrastructure before we invite members of the Chefs’ Forum and other partners for a chance to join the next intake as we look to scale up again.

“What a brilliant idea! Epicuri uses technology to actually create a more personal connection with my guests! So many great features to help front-of-house run like clockwork, guests are happier and Epicuri makes sure no order is missed! Great work! Excited to see what’s to come…”
Stuart Baddiley
Owner of Restaurant Zest / Director of The Restaurant Consultants

Bringing ‘point of sale’ back to the point of sale!

Epicuri brings together technology, software and a firm focus on the guest experience above all else. Putting incredible features and invaluable information at the hosts’ fingertips to help them recognise returning guests and welcome first-time guests like regulars.

We invite interested members of the Chefs’ forum to get in touch to see Epicuri in action!

We can run a quick demo at your convenience and online (but we prefer face-to-face, it makes for a much friendlier setting!) Totally no obligation! Just an opportunity to have a look and discuss how Epicuri might be able to support your guest experience.

We are extremely excited to see how Epicuri will be used by the industry, what parts of it appeal to what types of establishments and how we can make it better serve all the lovely people who dedicate their valuable skills, time and effort tempting me with delicious foods. (Oh yeah! I love this job!)

Iksit Gadhia
(Co Founder / Product Architect)Epicuri Logo square

Launch pricing is still available for Chefs’ Forum members. Get in touch!

Email: iksit@epicuri.co.uk
Call: 0203 2914021
Visit: www.epicuri.co.uk
Like: facebook.com/EpicuriUK
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