Cornish Sea Salt launches NEW Seaweed Seasonings

Cornish Sea Salt launches a new innovative salt and pepper taste concept with the first ever Seaweed Seasonings.  Made from the ocean’s most natural ingredients and full of goodness, the latest addition to the Cornish Sea Salt family will shake up the dry store.

Seaweed is the most nutrient dense vegetable on the planet; combine this with Cornish Sea Salt’s pure flakes, peppercorns and chillies, and the new Seaweed Seasonings offer a healthy, full flavoured and very easy to use ingredient for any chef.

Cornish sea salt squidAdding subtle umami richness to dishes, you can spice up a stir fry, pop a pinch to a pasta dish or mix in with dough and sprinkle on top of homemade of artisan breads. If you’re an avid juicer, including a little seaweed in the blender is a great way to pack in those nutrients.
Bursting with an organic punch of vitamins, proteins and amino acids, seaweed is also high in iron. Did you know…7g of dried seaweed has the equivalent amount of iron as100g raw steak?

We’ve done the hard work so you can enjoy the benefits.

The carefully selected flavours of salt, pepper and seaweed come in a variety of four ready-to-use pinch pots.

Cornish-Sea-Salt Seaweed OriginalOriginal Sea Pepper
Wakeme, sea lettuce seaweeds mixed with black and pink peppercorns blended with Cornish Sea Salt flakes. Add some sea pepper pizzazz to salmon fillet or tiger prawns, or sprinkle over fillet steak for ‘surf & turf’ with a twist.

Cornish-Sea-Salt fieryFiery Sea Pepper
Dulce, nori seaweeds, peppercorns and chilli blended with Cornish Sea Salt Flakes. Spice things up and add to soups, stews and stir-fries. Or, for those with a sweet tooth, indulge with spicy chocolate fantasies.

Cornish-Sea-Salt seaweedSeaweed Sea Salt
A nutritious duo of wakame seaweed and Cornish Sea Salt Flakes. Sprinkle over salad and steamed vegetables, or invigorate stir fries – it’s the yin and yang of the sea.

Cornish-Sea-Salt savorySavoury Seaweed Flakes
A blend of Nori, Wakame, Dulce and Sea Lettuce seaweeds. Delicious as seaweed butter, melted over scallops or grilled mushrooms. Add the zest of the sea to everyday salads and pasta, or mix in your favourite morning smoothie.

The Seaweed Seasonings are available to buy online at