Come on Now, Let’s Focus on Royal Greenland Fish & Shellfish Species!

Bringing a product to the UK hospitality market can be a tough assignment. A large part of the problem can be knowing what chefs and buyers are looking for, expecting and even how they perceive those needs.

This time it’s all about fish, fish chefs and what they think of top-quality Royal Greenland seafood species, which dishes they’re cooking with them, where they are buying fish…you get the general idea.

That’s where a bespoke Focus Day can help shape marketing, communications and trade advertising campaigns before they even begin.

Randall Jennings, Managing Director of Royal Greenland UK was delighted to host the event held at West London College, he said

“We’re using this as a great opportunity to get high quality seafood products into some great UK kitchens.  At Royal Greenland we pride ourselves on maintaining ocean to fork connection with every element of the supply chain; from our trawlers, to processing, distribution and most importantly our UK chefs who champion our fantastic produce in their menus.”

This is a great example of the way we are assisting with branding strategy and product development for Royal Greenland by utilising our huge chef network to achieve maximum awareness.

We don’t start with an advertising campaign. We start with gathering a focus group of expert chefs in the required market segment to harvest valuable market intel and insight and its very effective.

On the 24th May at West London College we held a special focus group where 25 top fish chefs got together to learn and discuss everything there is to know about Royal Greenland and the species of seafood they supply.

The purpose of the day is not solely to promote Royal Greenland. The purpose is for Royal Greenland to learn about how UK chefs perceive imported frozen seafood and how they use it in their kitchens.

To achieve this, we have to invite the right chefs and create an environment where they can learn and give feedback in a relaxed, but structured way. Our association with leading catering colleges and our Chefs’ Forum Academies are the perfect place for that.

Our specially selected group of chefs from leading seafood chains and upmarket restaurants will get together for a jam-packed day of activity including:

Utilise the day as an opportunity to train the current and next generation of UK chefs on the correct preparation methods to serve Royal Greenland fish and shellfish species through serving the culinary guests a fantastic buffet of lobster, crab, prawn, cod and halibut, all made and served by Royal Greenland Development Chef, Jan Zoutenbier, with the students at West London College.

If you are interested in taking part in one of our Focus Groups please let us know.

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