Chotto Matte Founders Going the Extra Mile for #Ukraine

Determined to do more than just raise money for Ukraine, global restaurateur Kurt Zdesar has embarked on a 1300-mile journey to deliver medical supplies to a hospital in the southwest of the country.

Accompanied by Gini Zdesar (Kurt’s beloved wife), his sister-in-law, Joss and a Ukrainian guide, Alex. The quartet are driving 4 ex-ambulances loaded with medical supplies and hope to cross the border in the coming days.

Chefs’ Forum director Catherine Farinha caught up with Zdesar en route as he was crossing Germany.

“We’ve been going 13hrs now and we’re heading for Poland,” Zdesar said. “From there we’ll do one final shop and then head for Ukraine. The plan is to skirt round Lviv and head for Ternopil Municipal City Hospital in Ternopil Oblast.

“We’ve got a GoFundMe page and have so far raised close to £40,000. I have put in a significant sum also myself. Some of that will pay for petrol but the vast bulk will be, and has been, spent on the actual supplies we are delivering.

“I want to get the supplies there as fast as possible and the best way to do that is to just drive and get the job done.”

Kurt has sent The Chefs’ Form his live location via WhatsApp, so we can keep track on the team’s progress.

The funding page describes the items being taken in terms of everyday items they want to collect:

Here is a list of medical & Emergency products we want to collect:

For more information and to help make a difference, visit the link to the GoFundMe page: