Cheshire Goes Full Aussie

Students at Cheshire College South & West (CCSW) enjoyed an Aussie Beef menu development day this week with top local chefs.

The special event, part of a national campaign to demonstrate the high quality of Aussie Beef, was arranged by The Chefs’ Forum.

Seven chefs worked with level 2 and 3 students to create dishes from specific cuts of beef including  featherblade, ribeye, sirloin and picanha.

The chefs were given free rein to bring out the best of the beef and the students got to work with professional chefs on dishes that are not part of the curriculum.

Here’s what they developed:

Darren Cooper, Consultant Chef: Braised featherblade with green vegetables and mashed potatoes

Gary Weir, Head Chef and Hot Buttered & Co: Ribeye steak, smoked beef fat potato, tempura garlic flower, pickled garlic buds, wild garlic emulsion and garlic jus gras

Jason Palin, Chef Patron of Gourmet Gusto: Sirloin served with Portuguese Migas

Kevin Kindland, Freelance Chef: Sirloin steak, caramelised onion puree with spring vegetables and marrow bone sauce

Mattie Gajos, Head Chef at The Delph: Ribeye with mustard mash and stuffed onion crust

Matthew Li, Sous Chef at Mottram Hall: Picanha with wild garlic, Lyonnaise potatoes, spring asparagus and wild garlic cream

Nathan Bate, Head Chef at Sixty Kitchen: Caramelised soy beef sirloin with shiitake mushrooms and asparagus

Level 3 student Nathan Price created a dish of seared featherblade, noodle salad with ginger and soy dressing

What the students had to say:

“Working with Aussie Beef was a great experience. It allowed us to work with high quality chefs and their high-quality ideas. Working with chef Jason Palin was much fun. Being able to use the ingredients provided by Aussie beef allowed us to enhance our dishes. Overall, it was a great day.”
Lewis Gilmartin, Level 2 learner

“My experience with chef Jason Palin was really good, I enjoyed learning a different way of cooking and it was cultured to a Portuguese dish.”
Amanda Salters, Level 3 learner

“Working with Aussie Beef was really enjoyable . I was able to learn about the different cuts of meat as well as how to prepare and serve them. Working with Chef Matthew Li from Mottram Hall , he showed me how to make a wild garlic velouté as well as how to correct the consistency using potatoes etc.”
Lucy Humphreys – Level 2 learner