Chefs Wanted to Review Paul Rankin’s Upcoming Taste of Japan TV Series

Getting paid to watch a food show and then discuss it is a job most chefs would love. If that’s you then we invite you to join us on Monday 24th January from 10-11am for a special live event when excerpts from Paul Rankin’s new show will be aired…and we’ll pay you to attend!

The new series entitled Paul Rankin’s Taste of Japan will air on Sky channel Ayozat TV on the 22nd & 23rd January 2022, 12:00-13:30. Due to Covid the chef was unable to physically go to Japan so footage of him preparing dishes that were inspired by the footage (produced by an English-speaking interviewer in Japan) will be included in the programme.

What we need you to do is get involved with reviewing the series and tell us what you make of it and whether you’d be interested in using the Japanese ingredients the future or event visiting Japan on a food tour to meet the producers and soak-up the culture?!

47 Elements is heading-up this project and is delighted to have had the opportunity to work with Chef Rankin on this, he said

“We are proud to showcase some of our national culinary treasures in this series to air on Sky TV next month and are really looking forward to gaining insight into what UK chefs think of the content of the episodes and ingredients showcased.  Japanese food is seeing a real upsurge in popularity in London at the moment and there are many exciting new openings launching in the new year.”

Top Chef Brazil winner and Masterchef semifinalist, Luciana Berry is looking forward to opening Mano in London’s Soho at the beginning of January, which is a Brazilian Japanese fusion restaurant, she said

“This series sounds very exciting.  Brazil hosts the largest Japanese community outside of Japan and some amazing cuisine has been created as a result.  I cannot wait to get a virtual culinary tour of Japan, learning about all of the fantastic ingredients we will showcase at Mano.  Our menu is based around sharing a perfect marriage of Japanese techniques, Brazilian flare and delicious ingredients from both countries – What great timing?!”

This is an opportunity to work closely with the Japanese government and influence the sorts of ingredients and customs they are keen to promote in the UK. Your opinion is very valuable at this stage.

The aim of the series is also to raise the profile of Japan and its wonderful food producers to encourage a wider audience to visit and discover enchanting food and culture of this amazing country.

The show features 6 episodes. Each episode is 30 minutes but only excerpts will be screened during the live event.

The episodes are as follows:

Title: Paul Rankin’s Taste of Japan

Episode 1. Wagyu Beef

This episode is all about Japanese Wagyu beef. Clara is in Japan to try it for herself starting with the world-famous Kobe beef as well as the lesser known Iga. She’s tasting it, learning the history and finding out just what makes it so special. In the kitchen, Paul is celebrating British Wagyu with two incredible dishes; Tataki with Mustard Miso Sauce and Wagyu Steak with Asparagus, Shitake mushrooms and a duo of dipping sauces.

Episode 2. Kyoto Old and New

We’re exploring the culinary offerings of Kyoto, once the capital of Japan, now it’s considered the cultural centre of the country and Clara is discovering that there is no shortage of incredible food. From traditional multi-course kaiseki dining at a Michelin starred restaurant to rough and ready ramen at a top-secret noodle joint. Kyoto is also renowned for its vegetable production so there’s a visit to a local farmer who grows 150 varieties for the regions’ top chefs. Back in the kitchen Paul is celebrating vegetables with his Veggie Open Sushi and he’s revealing his recipe for the perfect Teriyaki Salmon Bento Box.

Episode 3. Sake and Seafood

Paul is cooking with some incredible seafood and delicious sake in this celebration of Japanese cuisine. On the menu are Miso Grilled Cod with Pickled Cucumber Salad and Savoury Custard with Dashi and Shrimp. Clara is getting stuck into some sake with a visit to not one, but two breweries, travelling between two of Japan’s main islands, Honshu and Hokkaido to learn how it’s made and get a taste of the very best, she’s also sampling perhaps one of Japan’s most famous dishes, sushi.

Episode4Street Food Updates

New street food is always being born in Japan. This time, a new style of Japanese-style curry (katsu curry), which is also popular in the UK, “Vegan Soup Curry” in Hokkaido. In Sapporo, Clara discovers a new style of ramen, “Kani Miso Ramen”, and “Soup-less Spicy Noodle” in Hiroshima, highly addictive. Paul is inspired by it.

Episode5Kobe‘s Challenge

Kobe is working on the SDGs throughout the town and is particularly focused on the field of food. Craft beer makers not only make beer for local production and local consumption, but also use the remaining malt squeezed from beer as bread ingredients and hops to improve the soil. Vegetable farmer makes special vegetables according to the needs of chefs in Kobe City. In addition, travelers can experience harvesting seasonal fruits, grapes, pears, peaches, etc., and there are cafes where you can buy kobe vegetables and eat them. This time, try strawberry picking. Paul also thought about cooking with sdgs in mind.

Episode6Tokyo Rediscovery

Tokyo is well-known as there are so many famous restaurants. Media often features Traditional ones but Clara introduces two hideaway and unique izakaya in residential areas. One is a restaurant that combines Japanese sake and Western food, bread dishes. The other is a greengrocer in the daytime and change to Izakaya at night. Finally, Clara would like to introduce a French restaurant. Travelers sometimes miss their food from hometown. It is a bistro of French chef who won over iron chef. Paul also challenges the izakaya menu.

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