Charlie Hicks Presents Total Produce’s Market Report July 2015

Total Produce commandeers the legendary costermonger, Charlie Hicks to produce a monthly market report because it believes that good supply is as much about the supply of information as it is about the supply of produce. Total Produce wants to make sure its customers are up to speed on the best produce (and the best value) when they’re putting their menus together.

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Charlie Hicks, veg Guru and friend to Gregg Wallace says:

“This is about doing our bit to make menus sparkle and GP’s soar. July is a fantastic month for fresh produce, British cherries, French apricots, runner beans, flat peaches and nectarines, peas and broad beans, gooseberries, currants, petit violet artichokes, spectacular home-grown tomatoes. The list just goes on!”

Total Produce will be uploading a market report to The Chefs’ Forum website each month so make sure you visit next month for Charlie’s take on the best fresh produce for August!
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