British Chefswear Brand Oliver Harvey Shows Off Creativity in a New Series of Animation Videos

Top chefswear brand Oliver Harvey has created a new series of innovative videos to showcase their British-made clothing.

There are three animation videos in the series, each highlighting a different item from the range.

Digital Operations Manager, Daniel Childs, said: “The videos are intended to be a creative way to draw awareness to our UK made range of chef clothing, with an emphasis on creativity. The vision behind each animation is showing a chef crafting the various ingredients together with care, but in a clever and creative way.”

Richard for siteThe vision for the videos reflects the vision behind the whole Oliver Harvey range. In the same way that a chef will take great care in creating a dish – from choosing the ingredients, to the cooking, right through to the plating, the experts at Oliver Harvey take great care in creating their chefswear from choosing the material, to the production methods, and even how it is delivered to the customer.

Director Rick Shonfeld said: ““There is meticulous attention to detail in what we do. We take into account everything from the length to the freedom of movement and the fabric we use. Everything is looked at very carefully.

“We use the finest fabrics and because we are British-made we can closely monitor the quality throughout the whole process.”

“Chefs always look for the provenance of the produce and a big kudos for us is that we are a British manufacturer.

“We also like to do something a bit different in terms of how we present our products. For example, all our executive chef jackets come in a presentation box.”

Take a look at the first two videos – the final one will be released next week…