Be ‘King of the Grill’ with Bidfood this Summer – The Ultimate Fresh Meat Guide

With 2017 predicted to be one of the warmest on record[1]. To mark this, Farmstead from Bidfood has launched the ultimate fresh meat guide, to help caterers be masters of the BBQ this summer.

With sections on poultry, beef, lamb and pork, the guide features advice on selecting the best cuts of meat to tips on seasoning. It also contains a range of aromatic and succulent grill-friendly, smoked, baked or slow-cook recipes, including Lebanese style Spatchcock Poussin and Texan BBQ Brisket.

The new guide also illustrates Farmstead’s full traceability policy and its mission to improve trust and transparency across the supply chain, giving at-a-glance ‘meet the farmer’ snapshots on some of the farms behind the range.

Andy Small, Farmstead Brand Manager at Bidfood says:

“It’s part of British culture to bring out the BBQ at even the first hint of sunshine, so it’s no surprise that the alfresco market is now worth more than £7.1 billion[2]. The BBQ season is a time of year when fresh meat comes into its own and with over 300 products, the Farmstead range offers a wide selection of meat with quality, consistency, traceability and value at its core.

“From field to fork, consumers want to know the story behind their food. The new guide shows we are passionate about improving transparency across the supply chain, with quotes from suppliers showing how we’re working closely with famers and customers to forge strong relationships at every link of the chain.”

The Farmstead fresh meat guide is available now at

You’ll also find Bidfood on Twitter @BidfoodUK

[1] Met Office global forecast 2017,