Award-winning Chef Leads the Way in Cocktail Science!

An award winning chef from Bristol is stepping out from behind the hotplate in a bid to create the most innovative cocktails in the city.

Cocktail bar and restaurant The Bristologist opened on Corn Street last month and is already making its mark on Bristol’s cocktail scene thanks to the creativity and flair of chef-turned-general-manager Christian Abbot.

Having reached the finals of both the Electrolux National Chef of the Year and MasterChef the Professionals last year Christian is one of the UK’s hottest young talents when it comes to gastronomy and now he is using his skills to ensure that The Bristologist becomes the go-to venue in Bristol for cocktails with exciting flavour sensations and theatrical presentation.

Christian said: “My training and experience as a professional chef means that I have quite a unique approach to creating cocktails.

Cocktail being blow touched“I think it is unusual for a chef to come out of the kitchen to work on the drinks menu in this way, but we want The Bristologist to become just as well known for its fabulous drinks menu as its delicious menu of slates and plates, so using my skills to create a fun and innovative cocktail menu seemed like the natural thing to do.

“As a chef I know which flavours work well together, and I am using many of the skills and techniques I have learned in the kitchen over the years, including some molecular gastronomy, to come up with some combinations which I hope will surprise and delight our customers.”

BanksyThe current cocktail menu is made up of six Bristol-inspired creations including the Banksy which uses lemon vodka, gin, rum, orange liqueur and cola along with cola cubes and cola foam to create a unique version of the popular classic Long Island iced tea, and The Brunel which comes served in a conical flask and combines the warm, comforting flavours of spiced rum, apple and caramel with cutting edge culinary techniques to provide a treat for both the eyes and the tastebuds.

Under Christian’s expert eye, January 2015 will see this list expand to 40 food-led theatrical cocktails.

Fish dishFor those looking to toast in the New Year with something more than the traditional champagne The Bristologist is holding a special celebration with an all-you-can-eat and drink menu for just £80pp.

For more information on The Bristologist call: 0117 9304762.