Zingy Pearls in the Limelight

The citrus australasica is one of nature’s true sparkles. Known as finger lime and lime caviar the skin of this remarkable fruit from Queensland and New South Wales in Australia’s rainforest region is full of juicy vesicles or pearls. Depending on the variety these can look and taste very different which is what gives the finger lime its allure as a prized chef ingredient.

The fruit has been known and eaten by indigenous Australians for thousands of years before lemon, citrus medica,emerged in the Mediterranean around 300 BC. The pearls of the finger lime are Australia’s superfood because of their nutritional content.

Lime caviar UK sells 100% natural finger lime pearls (vesicles), extracted from quality fresh finger limes which are frozen and packed for dispatch. It is ready and available all-year-round in 4 varieties – Sunrise (red), Pink Pearl (pink), Chartreuse (yellow) and Emerald (green). It is additive-free, gluten-free, allergen-free, vegan and high in folate, potassium and vitamins C and E. The taste, texture and structure of the pearls is amazing.

George Ormond, Head Chef at Murano, said:
“We love the versatility that lime caviar offers us. We regularly use it to accompany fish and find the constant product delivers on everything we need. Knowing we are able to have this ingredient at our fingertips whenever we need it has such great benefits over other sources. It’s an all round great product all chefs need to have.”

Cherish Finden, International Pastry Consultant, said:

“Lime Caviar is indeed a remarkable addition to the world of culinary delights. These unique, edible pearls, when delicately sliced open, reveal a mesmerizing burst of flavour that awakens the taste buds with an intense, wild, and exotic flavor profile. Their distinctive citrusy notes and tiny, jewel-like appearance make them a prized ingredient in haute cuisine, elevating dishes with their unparalleled sensory experience.”

Jai Shaikh, Head Chef at The Ivy (West Street), said:
“Finger lime caviar – What an amazing and vibrant ingredient to add your menu. Beautiful shades of colours, especially the sunrise red pearls. Love the fact that the natural freshness has been preserved and all the flavours are still intact. Highly recommend it.”

Jai’s dish

About Lime Caviar UK

Launched to the market in mid 2018, lime caviar can now be found in an increasing number of top-end restaurants, cocktail bars, hotels, resorts, casinos, convention centres, catering houses and retail outlets around the world. We recommend that it be served frozen. It is spoonable and thaws rapidly. The frozen shelf life is long, so feel free to stock-up – Your guests will not be disappointed!

Galton Blackiston, Chef Patron at Morston Hall, said:
“I really enjoy lime caviar in all guises. I either use it as a garnish on certain fish courses, or incorporate lime caviar into ice creams . Lime caviar comes in several natural shades of colour which really enhances presentation. Also has a wonderful flavour, it’s a must have in our kitchen.”

Saravanan’s canapé – Heritage tomato tartar, cream cheese & lime caviar

Saravanan Palanipandichamy, Executive Sous Chef at Raffles London at The OWO, said:
“It’s a great product to use in the culinary world. It can be used with various dishes like sea food ceviche, shellfish tartar, and also amazing with fresh tomatoes and avocadoes.  It has a unique sharpness, and a well balance freshness flavour of citrus lime. It’s also beautiful looking.”

Neslon Barros Sa, Executive Pastry Chef at South Place Hotel, said:
“Lime caviar is an amazing product to use, we use it in both South Place and Angler restaurants on sweet and savory menus. It’s absolutely delicious with scallops , and goes well with our pumpkin pie dessert.”

Franciane Tartari, Head Pastry Chef at Sketch, said:
“It’s an amazing fruit and the Lime Caviar enhances the texture and flavour. I love the range of caviar that gives the possibility to play on the plate with different types of acidity turning the dish in a moment of surprise, an unexpected ingredient that can change and balance everything.”

For more information go to www.lime-caviar.co.uk