Scottish Salmon: What Chefs Need to Know!

Scottish salmon is farmed in the cool, clear waters off Scotland’s west coast and islands. It’s grown to world-leading animal health and welfare standards with all farmers adhering to a 500 point Code of Good Practice. All farmers are either part of the RSPCA Assured scheme or hold a similar international accreditation such as BAP or ASC. It means that when you buy Scottish salmon you can be assured that the fish have been grown with the upmost care, and to the highest quality.

You’re also buying the freshest local produce, with Scottish salmon harvested in the remote Highlands often able to go from pen to plate in just 24 hours. Along with high quality feed sourced from sustainable resources and one of the highest feed in food out ratios, it means Scottish salmon has one of livestock farming’s lowest carbon footprints – good for you, good for your diners and good for the planet.

Nurtured in freshwater hatcheries for the first year before being moved into remote sea lochs and off island coasts, Scottish salmon spend another year to 18 months being reared at sea – creating a versatile product rich in essential Omega-3, full of nutrients including Vitamin D and packed with high quality protein.

Scottish Salmon All Scottish salmon farmers pursue a prevention over cure strategy, limiting the need for medicines or the use of chemicals. It means Scottish farmed salmon is unique among UK animal proteins in not carrying any trace of medicines in its flesh when harvested and is safe to eat raw, unlike wild salmon. These characteristics along with its firm flesh and delicately balanced flavour make Scottish salmon the fish of choice for leading sushi chefs across the world.

From humble beginnings just 50 years ago farmed Scottish salmon has become not only the UK’s number one food export but has also been voted the world’s best salmon and regularly tops international taste tests.

If you want to see for yourselves how Scottish salmon is grown then get in touch with the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation and we’ll look forward to welcoming you to Scotland’s Highlands and Islands.

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