The New Standard for Ethical, Organic Vanilla?

Vanilla is traditionally bought from two main sources: Madagascar and Tahiti. But now a third centre of excellence has hit the market: Indonesia and in particular, Bali.

Meet Vanillaism, a new company set up by ex-private chef to the stars, David Buchanan, that sells eco-friendly and organic vanilla direct from the rainforests of Bali to a processing facility in Scotland.

The Chefs’ Forum met David when he kindly offered to supply vanilla to students participating in our Young Pastry Chef of the Year competition that launched this week.

David said

“It’s really important to support the next generation of chefs and we would be delighted to supply vanilla for the finalists to create their entremet visions.  We will also be giving away samples to chefs in industry each month so they can appreciate first-hand the quality of our vanilla from rainforest to fork!”

David’s new website enables chefs and pastry cooks to buy high-grade vanilla in volume. Vanilla is expensive and Vanillaism is no exception but the story of how Buchanan worked with villagers and vanilla scouts to open up the trade route is interesting and compelling and it’s always nice to have a back story to an ingredient that appears on a menu. And that’s the real opportunity of Vanillaism: pure, organic, vanilla from Bali is a change to the usual Madagascar on menus giving chefs the opportunity to reintroduce vanilla as an exotic flavour with an eco-message.

Any chefs wishing to receive a free sample of vanilla should email: